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Iconography Project-Phase III


As we are continuing the beautification of our church with icons, and after we successfully installed the iconography in the Dome that was revealed on the New Year Eve; we are glad to announce the launch of the third phase of our iconography project.


This new phase includes the two side walls close to the altar of the church (see the attached figure). Each wall is divided into five sections:

1. The large half-circle on top of each wall: this section will contain one icon (Transfiguration on the south wall and Resurrection on the North wall).

2. Upper tier of decoration.

3. Circled-icons 35 Inches diameter: each one will be for a saint (head and shoulders). On the south wall, we are having 10 circled icons. The North wall will contain 8 circled Icons.

4. Full figured Icons (80*30 Inches): on the South wall we are having 12 full figured icons of Saints, and 8 on the North wall.

5. Lower tier of decoration (matches the one we have inside the altar).


A good number of these icons are already donated by our beloved parishioners, and we have included them in our next contract with the iconographer. As now, we open again the opportunity for parishioners to choose an icon to donate, also we open this chance to the friends of the parish and all other people who are willing to help us in this project. 



Regarding prices, we decided to include in the shown price the  painting, decoration, and installation cost. Therefore each price includes: The iconographer compensation (for the icon and the decoration), and the installation cost (materials, scaffolding and any other equipment rental).


Icons help us concentrate on prayer during the church services and being surrounded by icons we can participate with less distraction in prayer. Also icons are windows to Heaven, they open the way to experience the Holy, and have a glimpse of our salvation.  

This is an opportunity to proclaim our faith which is depicted (written) in the form of icons that adorn our church and will last forever. By contributing to the iconography project you are helping the beautification of our church and you are revealing through the hands of the iconographer the Glory of God.


We offer you the opportunity to donate an icon online. You can donate the available icons, with full or partial donation. All those who are generously going to donate an icon will receive a copy of this icon mounted on wood as a gratitude to the donation.  




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